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The All New Apple Mars
Hybrid Inverters


Max efficiency 98.0%, CEC efficiency 95%

Max. PV Power 15KW

String current 30A, compatible with high power modules

Apple Inverters

Advanced parallel, up to 9Pcs

Apple BMS

Configure BMS management system to ensure high battery life

Apple Battery

Compatible with lead-acid batteries and lithium battery energy storage systems

Apple Monitor

Remote configuration and upgrade

Apple 10kW Hybrid Inverter

Apple Mars 10kW
Hybrid Inverter

The Apple Mars 10kW is a single-phase hybrid inverter designed for energy storage systems. It has a maximum efficiency of 98.0% and CEC efficiency of 95.0%. The inverter supports a maximum PV power input of 15KW and is compatible with high-power modules. It offers advanced parallel capabilities, allowing up to 9 units to be connected in parallel.

Model SE 10KHB-210-T/EU
Max. Efficiency (PV To AC) 98.0%
Max. Efficiency (Bat To AC) 95.0%
Max. PV Power 15000W
Max. Input Voltage 600V
Nominal output power 10000W
Grid connection Single phase
Display LED+APP
Communication interface RS485/CAN (for BMS), DRM/RS485 (for Meter), RS485, USB, Optional: WiFi/GPRS/LAN
Dimensions (W x H x D) 420mm x 800mm x 240mm
Weight (kg) 37Kg
Warranty 5 Years /10 Years (Optional)
Download Datasheet

Apple Mars 5kW
Hybrid Inverter

The SE 5KHB-120 is a single-phase hybrid inverter with 97.3% PV to AC efficiency and 94.3% battery to AC efficiency. It has 6300W PV power, supports lead-acid and lithium batteries, and offers 5000W AC output power. It features remote configuration, BMS system, and natural cooling design for high reliability in energy storage applications.

Model SE 5KHB-120
Max. Efficiency (PV To AC) 97.3%
Max. Efficiency (Bat To AC) 94.3%
Max. PV Power 9000W
Max. Input Voltage 550V
Nominal output power 5000W
Grid connection Single phase
Display LED+APP
Communication interface RS485/CAN (for BMS), RS485, USB, DRM/RS485 (for Meter), Optional: WiFi/GPRS/LAN
Dimensions (W x H x D) 515mm x 485mm x 175mm
Weight (kg) 25Kg
Warranty 5 Years /10 Years (Optional)
Download Datasheet
Apple 5kW Hybrid Inverter

How to Pre-Order

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