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*Please note that images on this page is for illustration purposes only. Containers are custom built and may vary.

GC Solar Container Power Station gives the flexibilities for industrial, large enterprises and corporate companies to deploy the system nearly in any nodes in the grid, supporting the services such as emergency power, new energy stabilizer,energy shifting, load shaving, grid stabilizer. With our deep experience in BESS (battery energy storage system),vertical industrial chain consolidation and fantastic ROI control.

Container Power Solution
Use Cases

Our container power solution can be implemented in varies ways, including, but not limited to power backup, off-grid solutions, emergency power, energy stabilization and in varies industries like hospitals, factories, corporate buildings, power stations and data centers.





Data Centers

Power Stations

Power Backup Container

20ft Backup Power Container

20ft All in One Container

All In One Container
Power Backup Container

40ft All-In-One Power Container

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Container Power Solutions

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