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GC Solar Training Academy


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On Monday the 30th of November, and Tuesday the 1st of December 2020 GC Solar had our first successful training course at our new head office. This 2-day course was a beginners course in PV Solar design and installation, created to address the need for people and organizations and small businesses to require more knowledge about sizing, assessing, and installation of Solar PV systems.

Students attending this course gained better knowledge and a clear understanding of the fundamentals of PV Solar systems, including various components, brands, and functions of the equipment.

Greg Collett, attending this beginner course had the following answer to the question of what was the most interesting thing you have learned in this course: “How solar systems work, and how to calculate solar systems.” According to Greg, he can use this product knowledge in his occupation to increase his sales.

As a training Academy, GC Solar strives to equip all the people seeking in-depth knowledge of solar systems and PV designs.

“How solar systems work, and how to calculate solar systems.”- Greg Collett

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