• 270W Seraphim Panel

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    External Dimensions          1650 x 992 x 35 mm
    Weight                                    18.0 kg
    Solar Cells                              Poly crystalline 6 inch(60pcs)
    Front Glass                            3.2 mm AR coating tempered glass, low iron
    Frame                                      Anodized aluminium alloy
    Junction Box                         IP68
    Output Cables                      4 mm2 ,cable length:1000 mm
    Connector                              MC4 Compatible

  • 380W Seraphim Solar Panel, PERC cells.

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    380W Seraphim solar panels is listed as Tier 1 solar module maker by BNEF.
    We are proud suppliers of top quality Seraphim solar panels in South Africa.

  • Eclipse Module 295W-310W

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    When we began work on this new shingled solar module, we considered every element defines a perfect shingled solar module, i.e. performance, reliability, heat resistance, PID and price. We challenged ourselves to design a product innovative and radically different from any of our products before. The result of our R&D was the Eclipse modules.

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