Zjbeny 2P Surge Protector 600v


Surge Protection (SPD) PV DC Type II 600v BUD-40/2

Model  BUD-40/2
Moulds  2
SPD according to EN 50539-11  Type 2
Open Voltage Uoc Max 600V
Max. discharge current (8/20 ps) [(DC+/DC-) –> PE] ((Imax)  40KA
Nominal discharge current (8/20 ps) [(DC+/DC-) –> PE] (In)  20KA



R800.00 excl Vat

Product by: ZJ Beny


PV DC BUD-40/2 Surge Protection Device was designed and manufactured, complying with the PV standard EN50539-11. It is widely used in PV DC combiner box, inverter, controller and PV DC cabinet. Rated voltage 600V DC. Maximum discharge current 40KA, High Energy Varistor, highly effective for lightning protection.

Suitable for use in all Photovoltaic Systems
Prewired Modular Complete Unit, consisting of a Base Part and Plug-in Protection
Plug-in Protection module, easy installation and maintenance
High Energy Varistor. Response time less than 25 nanosecond
Optimal remote signalling Contact (FM) for monitoring device (Floating Changeover Contact)
Din Rail Mounting TH35-7.5/DIN35
Comply with: EN50539-11

Voltage protection level Up  <3.8KV
Response Time (tA ) <25 ns
Operating state / fault indication Green/Red
Remote Signalling Contact (optional) Changeover contact
For mounting on 35mm DIN rails
Degree of protection IP20

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