30W All in One Solar light


Fully integrated solar streetlight system with a 5 Year Warranty. The AOS range comprises a PV solar panel, solar charge controller and LiFEPO4 battery combined with high-output LEDs and human infrared sensor. High Luminance, Long Lifespan, Minimal Maintenance and Easy Installation. Fits on any pole or wall.

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All in One Solar light 30W

• Completely wireless – no need for trenching or cabling.
• Uses NO electricity.
• Suitable for Residential and Commercial use.
• LiFePO4 Battery offers 5 times longer cycle life than gel acid battery.
• Philips Luxeon high-brightness LEDs with over 50 000 hours’ design life.
• Batwing Lenses ensure light distribution with greater than 93% uniformity.
• Motion Sensor optimises battery life: You choose the level of brightness to be engaged during periods of inactivity. Bright Mode (100%) is only activated when motion is detected.
• Encapsulated Water-Proof smart controller with over 80% charging efficiency.
• All components are IP65 rated.
• Anti-theft screws.
• 5 Year Warranty.

Weight 17.8 kg
Dimensions 117 x 38 x 21 cm
Manufacturer: Solux
Solar Panel: 60W
Lamp Power: 30W LED (Philips Luxeon)
Lumens: 3600~3900 Lumens
Battery: 21Ah Lithium LiFePO4
Working Time: > 20 hours before recharge
Mounting Height: 6m to 7m
Pole Included: No
Warranty: 5 Years
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