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Zjbeny DC Circuit Breaker PV 2 Pole

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Product by: ZJ Beny


ZJ Beny  DC Ciruit Breaker PV 2 Pole

DC mini circuit breaker (max voltage 1200VDC, max current 63A)

PV mini circuit breaker:
High short-circuit/breaking capacity
Functions: Overload, short circuit
Unfrequent operation and, anti-reflux protection
Rated voltage: 1200V, Ultimate
Rated current: 63A
Comply with: IEC60947-2/GB14048-2

Pole: 1P
Breaking capacity: 6KA
Curve type: B

Centre Test International
Certificate of Approval
Certificate of Conformity
Certificate Of Registration
Data Sheet
IEC Certificate
Verification of LVD Compliance

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