Combiner Box 5 String

R5,200.00 excl Vat



Combinder Box 5 String

PV String DC Combiner Boxes are key components in the PV Solar power systems,which are placed between Solar Modules and the inverters.

●Efficient Protection Grade IP65/66

Combiner box is waterproof,dust proof and anti-corrosion,withstand harsh environmental exposure.

●PV Solar string Current Aggregation

Multiple strings input ,one string output,Available for 1-24strings,Max current 30A per string.

●Effective Isolating

Series Isolator Switches,current 16A to 630A,Max voltage up to 1500VDC,widely meet the various demands from PV power systems.

●Lightning Protection

BUD-40/3 Surge protector device with pluggable design,up to 1000VDC,40KA,with lightning protection for PV power system.

●Over-current Protection and Short-circuit Protection

BR-30 touch-safe fuse with LED indicator light the function is over current protection.

BD and BB1 series circuit breaker,with the function of Short-circuit protection and over current protection,the Max current up to 630A,Max voltage up to 1000VDC.


●Simplify the physical wiring between solar panel and inverter

●Fault current protection for each PV String

●Fault alarm

●Easy installation and maintenance

●Intelligent Monitoring

Monitoring of stings with RS485,Modbus communication measure current and DC voltage for each string,monitoring the status of DC disconnector/SPD

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