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GC Solar in-line fuse and holder 20A

Rated Voltage (V): 1000VDC

Rated impulse voltage (V): 6000V

Rated Current (A): 20A

Protection Degree: IP67

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GC Solar in-line fuse and holder rated for 20A is a component used to protect electrical circuits from overcurrent. It consists of a fuse and a fuse holder that are connected in series with the circuit. The fuse is designed to melt and break the circuit when the current exceeds its rated value, thereby preventing damage to the circuit or equipment.

Here’s a general description of how an in-line fuse and holder work:

  1. Fuse Holder: The fuse holder is a device that securely holds the fuse and provides electrical connections for the circuit. It typically consists of two terminals or connectors where the fuse can be inserted or removed. The holder ensures proper contact and maintains the fuse in place.
  2. Fuse: The fuse is a small, cylindrical component with a metal strip or wire inside. It is rated for a specific current value, in this case, 20A. When the current flowing through the circuit exceeds this rating, the metal strip or wire heats up due to increased resistance. Once the temperature reaches a critical point, the strip melts or the wire breaks, interrupting the circuit.
  3. Installation: To install the in-line fuse and holder, you typically cut the positive wire of the circuit and insert the fuse holder in the middle. The positive wire connects to one terminal of the holder, and another wire connects from the second terminal to the circuit or device you want to protect. The fuse is then inserted into the holder, completing the circuit.
  4. Protection: In normal operating conditions, where the current is below the fuse’s rated value (20A in this case), the fuse remains intact, allowing the current to flow uninterrupted. However, if a fault or overcurrent situation occurs, such as a short circuit or excessive load, the current rises above 20A. At this point, the fuse melts or breaks, opening the circuit and protecting the rest of the electrical system.

Product Specifications

Dimensions2 × 2 × 10 cm

Product Documentation

Growcol - inline Fuse Version PV004 Download


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