GC SOLAR Mobile Solar Power system

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GC SOLAR Mobile Solar Power system

GC SOLAR Mobile Solar Power system is a compact power unit capable of delivering uninterrupted and clean power. This system is a quickly deployable, ready to use, factory assembled all weather solar power station designed to meet the reliability, durability and efficiency required in remote locations where grid is either un stable or not available.

 Features and Benefits

• Ready to use Mobile Solar Power System

• 24x 7 availability of power

• Easy Installation with minimal set-up time with No civil work

• Easily Transportable and Re-deployable

• Collapsible Module Mounting Structure

• Easily integrates with Grid Supply and Generators

• Compact and robust design

• LED Lights, Exhaust fans & Air Filtration Systems for lighting & ventilation

Advantages of Solar

Mobile Solar power system has a number of advantages over both conventional and other non-conventional forms of renewable energy:

• The sun being the raw source for harnessing solar power which is available practically everywhere and is free of cost, as soon as the customer recovers the initial investment, its profit all the way.

• Investment in solar energy creates new job opportunities and generates wealth, which in turn helps stabilize the global economic downturn.

• Unlike other conventional forms of energy like coal, oil and natural gas, solar power is clean and sustainable. This in turn ensures a greener and brighter future for mankind.

• Solar energy helps to reduce the quantity of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and does not encourage global warming, acid rain, and other associated weather phenomenon.

• The most significant utility of this system is  its ease of installation and mobility. Solar systems can be set up in remote locations even in places where grid power is unavailable.

• Solar power generation systems are nearly maintenance free and usually last for nearly 30 years, hence providing an excellent value for money.

• Individual systems can be upgraded as par the electricity requirements.

• Solar systems operate without any noise, providing excellent durability for years.

Diesel Generator

A single-phase/three-phase diesel generator can be connected to the off-grid system covering the periods in which the solar system or the batteries cannot be able to reach loads requirements.

Modules’/Inverter/Battery selection can vary depending on market dynamics, delivery time and customer’s preferences.


Mobile Solar generator is ideal for use in following applications:

• Highly critical Defense applications

• Telecom

• Remote applications

• Rural electrification

• Disaster management

• Oil & Gas

• Small offices, clinics and other residential applications

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