BX-4 Battery Charger 6/12V 750MA

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BENTON Battery Charger BX-4 is a smart, 3-step fully automatic switch mode battery charger and maintainer, designed for charging a variety of SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries, widely used in motorbikes, cars, vintage cars and snowmobiles. The batteries may be of various types i.e. WET/Flooded, GEL, AGM batteries capacity from 6V/1.2 Ah to 6V/20 Ah and 12V/1.2 Ah to 12V/20 Ah. The BX-4 recovers slightly sulfated batteries and rescues drained battery. It provides trickle charge and maintenance charging which increase battery life and gives superb performance. It is also ideal for maintaining batteries of non-regularly used vehicles of all types.

1) Diagnosis & Bulk Charge
As soon charging instruction is given to the charger, the unique diagnostic function automatically checks status of battery (detects voltage). If a battery’s voltage is over 3.75V (for 6V battery) or 7.5V (for 12V battery), charger begins fast charging mode by applying a constant current 750mA for both 6V or 12V battery, which terminates when voltage reaches 7.2V (for 6V battery) or 14.4V (for 12V battery).

2) Trickle Charge
Battery is fully charged and ready to use. Use of a constant high current for extended periods of time risks gassing the battery. The battery will signal to the charger and will only take enough current to sustain small loads such as alarms etc or current leaks in the vehicle wiring circuit. Low current in frequency of 750mA ON for 100mS, OFF for 900mS is given to the battery. Since current is not delivered constantly, BENTON® BX-4 charger would minimize the heating up of the battery, and hence it will eliminate the buildup of gases. This ensures more efficient and safer performance. When voltage drops below 6.5V (for 6V battery) or 13.0V (for 12V battery), monitoring circuit senses that battery needs more current to maintain its charge than available in trickle charge phase. The Charger switches to Maintenance Charge phase.

3) Maintenance Charge
As charger continuously monitors the terminal voltage in order to determine if a maintenance charging should be initiated. If the battery is loaded and/or terminal voltage falls below 13.0V (for 12V battery) or 6.5V (for 6V battery), the charger starts a maintenance cycle until voltage reaches to 14.4V (for 12V battery) or 7.2V (for 6V battery). The maintenance charging is discontinued. Cycle of trickle charging and maintenance charging is repeated indefinitely to keep battery in good condition when it is not in use and enables charger to be let connected indefinitely.

BENTON® BX-4 is fully interactive charger which adjusts itself to changing current requirement to charge and maintain the battery.

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