BX-4 Battery Charger 6/12V 750MA


BENTON BX-5 is a smart, 5-step fully automatic switch mode battery charger and maintainer, designed for charging a variety of SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries, widely used in motorbikes, cars, vintage cars and snowmobiles. The batteries may be of various types i.e. WET/Flooded, GEL, AGM batteries capacity from 6V/1.2 Ah to 6V/12 Ah and 12V/1.2 Ah to 12V/60 Ah.

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GCBX-5 Benton Battery Charger  12/24V 25A

The BX-5 recovers slightly sulfated batteries and rescues drained battery. It provides trickle charge and maintenance charging which increase battery life and gives superb performance. It is also ideal for maintaining batteries of non-regularly used vehicles of all types.


BENTON chargers are high frequency, multi-step switch mode compact and light weight units, which can be installed right on board the vehicle, enabling vehicles to be charged anywhere.

• They charge batteries rapidly.
• Since BENTON chargers use high frequency technique, they use less electricity to do same job as standard batteries do. This is a clear cost saver to users
• Less topping means less maintenance cost
• Due to temperature compensated voltage control charge feature, they prevent excessive heating, venting, water loss and gassing in the batteries.
• BENTON chargers prolong life of batteries
• BENTON chargers give the batteries an equalization charge which helps in maintaining batteries that are deeply discharged on a regular basis
• Processor controlled, fully interactive BENTON Chargers are smartly designed to provide perfect charging algorithm

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