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ARCB-2 yrs warranty


Input Voltage Range : 85-265Vac
Input curren Range 0-5Aac
Max. Inverters Connection 12

R13,022.40 excl Vat

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Abstract: This Document is a brief instruction of GoodWe ARCB Device, which
compose of Definition, Application Background, Function, Connection, Configuration.
ARCB, means Anti Reserve Current feeding into Grid Box.
CT, Current Transfer.
Application Background,
As the requirements of some Countries or its areas, the generation of the PV systems,
can only be used in self-use, but the reserve current cannot be fed into Grid. Now the
main solution is to cut off the connection of PV system and the Grid, but the owner
of the PV station will lost a lot of money. Such as a 50kW PV system in Australian, if
the Loads is 20kW, but the system can generate 40kWh per hour now, then if we just
cut off the connection, we will lost 20kWh electrical power. Also the owner has to
turn on the system manually. Then GoodWe designed a ARCB device which can tell
the inverters to reduce or increase the generation if needed.

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