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Growcol 8kW + 100ah Special

Growcol 8.8kW + 100ah Lithium Battery 1C Promotion

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An 8kW (kilowatt) inverter and a 100Ah (ampere-hour) battery can be used together to power electrical devices or appliances. Here’s a breakdown of how these components work

Inverter: An inverter converts direct current (DC) power from a battery into alternating current (AC) power, which is what most household appliances and electronics use. The 8kW rating indicates the maximum power output the inverter can provide. In this case, the inverter can handle a load of up to 8,000 watts.

Battery: The 100Ah rating represents the capacity of the battery, indicating the amount of charge it can store. In this case, the battery has a capacity of 100 ampere-hours, which means it can supply 1 ampere of current for 100 hours or 10 amperes of current for 10 hours.

To determine the actual runtime or how long the battery can power a specific load, you need to consider the power consumption of the devices you want to run. Let’s assume you have a load that requires 5kW (5,000 watts) of power:

With an 8kW inverter, you have more than enough power capacity to handle the load.

To calculate the runtime, you need to convert the power consumption to amperes. To do this, divide the power (in watts) by the battery voltage. Assuming a typical battery voltage of 12V, the calculation would be: 5,000W / 12V = 416.67A (approximately).

Since the battery has a capacity of 100Ah, divide the battery capacity by the load current: 100Ah / 416.67A ≈ 0.24 hours (approximately). This means the battery can power the 5kW load for about 14.4 minutes.

Product Specifications

Dimensions35 × 45 × 71 cm

Product Documentation

Growcol-R8KL1-Hybrid-Inverter-Datasheet Download
Growcol Lithium Batteries 51.2 100Ah Download


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