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Kapa Energie 1000 lithium

  • Inverter Type: Pure sine Wave Inverter
  • Input Voltage: 145V-275VAC
  • Rated Voltage: 230VAC
  • Warranty:


Kapa Energy Inverter with Lithium Battery 1000W is a power backup system that provides 1000 watts of continuous power output. It includes a built-in lithium battery that stores energy from an AC source or solar panels. The inverter converts the DC power from the battery into AC power that can be used to power devices and appliances.

The Kapa Energy Inverter with Lithium Battery 1000W is a portable power solution that can be used for camping, outdoor events, or emergency backup power. It is designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal for people on the go. The inverter is also equipped with a range of safety features to protect the battery and connected devices from damage.

Overall, the Kapa Energy Inverter with Lithium Battery 1000W is a convenient and reliable power backup system that can be used in a variety of situations. However, it’s important to note that the actual runtime of the inverter will depend on the power consumption of the connected devices and the capacity of the battery.

Product Specifications

Dimensions512 × 310 × 405 cm

Product Documentation

KAPA-Energie-1000-Inverter-Series-Datasheet Download
KAPA-Energie-1000-Inverter-Series-User Manual Download
Kapa Energie limited carry-in warranty (17 August 2022) - Download


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