Powercube-M series 32-736V


Battery System Capacity(kWh) :  108.93
Battery System Voltage(Vdc) : 736
System Voltage Range(Vdc) : 621~828

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In addition to its wide deployed residential ESS Phantom series, Pylontech is proud to announce this new Powercube series of high voltage energy storage systems, designed to serve commercial and industrial grid level customers.

These new Powercube series with their modular design concept, enable the highest flexibility both for rack mounted and container-based constructions. They give a wide scope for customers to deploy the system in almost any nodes in the grid, supporting services such as emergency power, new energy stabilizing, energy shifting, load shaving and grid stabilizing. Frequency responding is currently in development.

“With our deep experience in BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems), vertical industrial chain consolidation and fantastic ROI control, Pylontech Powercubes will be your trusted system in all ESS applications”.



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