Solar 12 LCSL


Low Cost Solar Lighting System

Solar 12 LCSL has been designed to bring the benefits of high technology into the rural and urban home where the luxury of Grid electric power is not available.

The system provides adequate electric light and convenience at a fraction of the cost of other systems on the market by carefully balancing and matching the selected components.

Installation is easy as all components are pre-wired. Simply place the PV panel on a north-facing surface, situate the control panel at a convenient location in the house and position the lights in the required places and the you have instant solar powered lighting.

R1,980.00 excl Vat



A single control box provides;

• Switching,

• Battery

• Protection from short circuits

• Protection from over discharge

• Protection from over charging

• Daylight switch for the external light

• LED status indicator

-5 * 1 Watt regulated white LED lamps
-1 Control box with switches
-12 v 7.2 A/hr SLA battery
-1 Light sensor
-1 Solar PV panel 20W 12volt
-1 Acessory 12v DC output for cellphone charger etc.
-Made in South Africa

All Lights can be used for up to 6 Hours per night Battery can be fully charged in one day with full sunlight

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