Solis Data Logging Box – WiFi


By connecting with single or multiple inverters through RS485/422 interface, the Kit can collect information of PV/wind systems from inverters. With the integrated WiFi function, the Kit can connect to router and transmit data to the web server, realizing remote monitoring for users. In addition, Ethernet is also available for connection to router, enabling transmission of data.

Users can check the run-time status of the device by checking the 4 LEDs on the panel, indicating power, 485/422, link and status respectively.

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Datalogger Box Wifi


For connecting Solis inverter to internet router.


Please note if connecting more than one inverter a special cable will be required (NOT PROVIDED). Bare cable and correct plugs can be requested from Solis, but please note the installer will have to make them up themselves (solder the plug on to one of the cables and modify the other one). 

Supplier Part No: SOL-DLB-WIFI
Weight: 0.41 kg
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