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    Like its predecessors, the Battery-Box Premium HVS/HVM is based on lithium iron phosphate – one of the most reliable storage technologies. The battery has a modular structure and can be expanded in steps of 2.6 kWh (HVS) or 2.8 kWh (HVM). This means that there is nothing to prevent the storage being expanded at a later date.
    The floor mounting means that the installation and commissioning process can again be carried out quickly and easily.

  • BYD 330W Panels

    R2,145.00 excl Vat

    Cell Type                                          56.75×78.375mm
    Number of Cells                             144
    Dimension of Module                   1992 mm×992 mm×35 mm
    Weight                                              22.3 kg ±5%

  • BYD B-Plus 2.56kWh LV Solar Battery 100% DOD

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    This is the new 100% DOD version of B-Plus 2.5 battery.

      • Weight: 42.74 kg
      • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
      • Nominal Energy: 2560 W/h
      • Depth of discharge: 100.00 %
      • Voltage: 48 V
      • Maximum Charge Rate: 2560 W
    • Maximum Discharge Rate: 2560 W
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