Gel Batteries

  • Champion 200Ah Gel Battery

    R3,800.00 excl Vat

    Normal Voltage 12V
    Approx. Weight 58.5 Kg ± 2%
    Float charging voltage(25℃) 13.50 to 13.80V

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    Champion_DC GE50-12 12V50AH

    Call for Price

    Nominal Valtage 12V
    Nominal Capability 50Ah@10 hour rate F.V.(1.8v/cell)
    Approx. Weight 15Kg
    Terminals B2 (Fitting M8 bolt & nut) I2 is optional
    Internal Resistance ≤7.5m Ω(Fully Charged)
    Max. Discharge Current 500A (5 sec)
    Max. Charge Current 12.5A
    Operating Temperature Range
    Charge: -10°c~40 °c (-14°F~104 °F)
    Discharge: -20 °c ~50°c (-4°F~122 °F)
    Storage: -20 °c ~40 °c (-4 °F~104 °F)



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    Champion 100Ah Gel Battery

    R1,900.00 excl Vat

    10HR(10.8V) 100 Ah
    5HR(10.5V) 88Ah
    1HR(9.6V) 61Ah

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    Champion 1 – 100ah Gel Battery

    R1,950.00 excl Vat
    Model Name: 6FM100G Size: 330*171*214 mm
    Voltage: 12V Terminal: M8
    Capacity: 100AH Color: Black
    Weight: 29.5 Kg Application: Inverter,UPS,Solar power,Off Grid Power,wind Power
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