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Growcol 1500W pure sine wave inverter 24V-220V

  • Inverter Type: Outdoor Inverter
  • Rated power: 1500W
  • Max AC Power: AC 220V
  • Warranty: 2 Years
SKU: DY-LG1500S Categories: , , Brand Growcol Return Policy: GC Solar Return Policy
R3,465.85 Incl Vat
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The GROWCOL 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter is a device that converts DC (direct current) power from a battery or other power source into AC (alternating current) power suitable for running various electrical devices and appliances. Here are some key features and details about this particular inverter:

1. Power Output: The GROWCOL 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter is capable of delivering a continuous power output of 1500 watts. This means it can handle a wide range of devices such as laptops, TVs, small kitchen appliances, power tools, and more.

2. Pure Sine Wave Output: The inverter generates a pure sine wave output, which is a high-quality waveform that closely resembles the electricity supplied by utility companies. This makes it compatible with sensitive electronics and appliances that may require a clean and stable power source.

3. Input Voltage: The input voltage range of the GROWCOL 1500W inverter is typically designed to work with a 12V DC power source, such as a standard car battery or a deep-cycle battery commonly used in solar power systems.

4. Multiple AC Outlets: The inverter is equipped with multiple AC outlets, typically two or more, allowing you to connect multiple devices simultaneously.

5. Built-in Protection Features: This inverter usually comes with built-in protection features such as overload protection, over-temperature protection, low voltage protection, and short circuit protection. These safety mechanisms help safeguard the inverter and your connected devices from potential damage.

6. Applications: The GROWCOL 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter is commonly used in a variety of applications, including off-grid solar power systems, recreational vehicles (RVs), boats, emergency backup power, and other situations where a reliable and clean AC power source is needed.

7. Remote Control Capability: Some models of this inverter may include a remote control feature, allowing you to conveniently operate the inverter from a distance.

Product Specifications

Dimensions41 × 15 × 7 cm
System TypeOutdoor Inverter
kW Size1500W
Volt Size12V/24V/48VV
Warranty2 Years
Product SKU DY-LG1500S

Product Documentation

Growcol-Outdoor-Inverter-DYLG1500W-Datasheet Download
DY-LG000S - GROWCOL PURE SINE WAVE INVERTER 24V-220V - LVD Certificate Download
DY-LG2000S - GROWCOL PURE SINE WAVE INVERTER 24V-220V - Warranty Card Download
Growcol - Pure SIne Inverter - User Manual Download


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